​"I have been playing in bands with Mark for over 5 years. Throughout this time I have seen his skill and musicianship grow to an exceptional level. Mark's devotion to his instrument and pursuit of excellence is an inspiration to me. He always wants to be part of a bigger piece. Mark has always great input into practice situations and arrangements without drowning other opinions out. He puts serving the track before finding opportunities to shine as an individual."

Steve Brown - 

Vineyard Worship

"I always look forward to working with Mark on musical collaborations. His attention to detail, creativity and enthusiasm is inspiring. Most importantly, with his solid reliability and equally solid feel for rhythm and timing, you can guarantee quality output as well as having great fun along the way. Mark is a complete pleasure to work with, and is always my first choice for any new projects whether utilising his drum or mixing skills"

Martin B - Composer/Guitarist ('Say What?', 'The Groove Thing')

"First off, I have to say Mark is a top bloke! I’ve played with a lot of musicians over the years and it’s not always been easy. There’s no sense of ego with Mark - he just wants to do a good job and that’s exactly what he does. Mark delivers, every time. 
Having been in a few different band scenarios with Mark, from the impromptu to the well-rehearsed, his experience, professionalism and reliability have been invaluable. HIs knowledge of his instrument seems to grow every time we meet and not only can he 'rock-out’ with the best but also he has a rare sensitivity (yes, I’m still talking about a drummer!) which is a real bonus. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Dave Wheeldon -


"Working with Mark is a memorable experience. We were thrown together as a band for a weekend conference with minimal rehearsal time and musicians who never played together. Mark carried us.
Technically he is a professional and so much more. He has an innate sense of timing, great sensitivity and dynamics. Singing with him felt effortless. I'd not only recommend him, I'd choose him to play with me any chance I get."

Jules de Jongh - 

Worship leader, Vocalist

"Mark Midwinter - The Kick Ass drummer from Reading who managed to slip in double kicks in places I never dreamed possible and graciously waited around until midnight to pack his kit down when everyone except the cleaners had left."

Pete Beaumont -

Worship Leader, Guitarist. Vineyard

"I played in a function band with Mark for a few years and as well as being an excellent drummer he coped with our very diverse repertoire magnificently. He always looked to achieve as realistic a replica sound to the original track as possible. He's clearly passionate about doing a great job. Despite the jokes about drummers he was also as dependable and reliable as you could possibly want...and I'm still not sure how he crammed his entire kit into a mini!!"

Mark Davenport -


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