I've been playing drums for over 30 years. I'm a player that focuses on playing what's best for the music - always thinking "what can I do to enhance what's happening in the moment". Sometimes it's a case of not what you play!

I've been involved with many different genres of music and am very conscious that developing the music is a team game. I'm very much a team player and easy to get on with!


I also have experience in drum triggering from my production background and am proficient in MIDI, playing to click and backing track. I can use these to enhance the music if required or maybe even a bit of backing vocals too!


Professional ​
Mark Midwinter

I'm really fortunate to have studied with some of the great drummers of our time.


My current teachers/mentors are Bob Armstrong and Steve White.


I've also had lessons from Craig Blundell, Peter Cater, Ash Soan, Geoff Dugmore and Neil Wilkinson. 


I've played in many different genres of music both recording and playing live. I like to stretch myself in my musical styles and am currently in bands ranging from disco/rock/pop band to a jazz/swing big band! I love the variety as the different styles call for a difference in playing which allows me to give a good creative output.


My main focus on the drums is to always serve the song and listen to what is being played by the other instruments in the band. Be aware of the song and how it develops and to use your ears.


The drums have the overarching power in a band to make it groove and hold it altogether - it's your job to serve time to the rest of the band. Also to give dynamic cues to the other musicians where the crescendo and diminuendos are.


From running my own studio I know what producers and directors are looking for from me on their projects. I think having that first hand experience really helps.


I have a variety of snares (including more vintage ones) and cymbals. Depending on the genre will depend on the choice. I don't do the whole big kit thing.


From a drum perspective - I'm pretty much a minimalist with only a couple of toms, snare and bass drum. I don't go for big kits and believe that this doesn't limit creativity. I also have a Roland SPDSX which I use for drum triggering/laying as and when it's required.