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What others say about me...

"Our son has been having lessons with Mark for a few months now. We are so glad that we found him. We looked around for a while and are delighted with Mark.
Really nice and friendly guy, very professional, really 'knows his stuff' and is an excellent communicator too!
Fab feedback after each lesson. Very encouraging; our son happily heads off to Mark after school, with no need for coaxing...even on a day when he has been training in his chosen sport before school (so a bit tired).
Fellow parents of a teenager - that speaks volumes! Tops marks from us!!"

Parent of a current student - comment from Facebook

"Working with Mark is a memorable experience. We were thrown together as a band for a weekend conference with minimal rehearsal time and musicians who never played together. Mark carried us.
Technically he is a professional and so much more. He has an innate sense of timing, great sensitivity and dynamics. Singing with him felt effortless. I'd not only recommend him, I'd choose him to play with me any chance I get."

Jules de Jongh - 

Worship leader, Vocalist

"First off, I have to say Mark is a top bloke! I’ve played with a lot of musicians over the years and it’s not always been easy. There’s no sense of ego with Mark - he just wants to do a good job and that’s exactly what he does. Mark delivers, every time. 
Having been in a few different band scenarios with Mark, from the impromptu to the well-rehearsed, his experience, professionalism and reliability have been invaluable. HIs knowledge of his instrument seems to grow every time we meet and not only can he 'rock-out’ with the best but also he has a rare sensitivity (yes, I’m still talking about a drummer!) which is a real bonus. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Dave Wheeldon -


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Meet your teacher...

Hi - I'm Mark Midwinter. I love developing my skill and seeing myself grow through practice and I want to help you too!

I have my own studio in Reading set-up to teach drum lessons.

The general content is tailored to the student and what they want to learn. 

Some of these aspects will include:

  • Different genres of music

  • Time keeping

  • Rudiments

  • Hand and foot techniques

  • Reading drum music

  • Developing a practice plan

The student will have their own books and backing track CD's to study from in their own time.

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Mark Midwinter playing drums